The Chick in the Kitchen

I’m a college student with the culinary itch.  I’m aiming to give everyone ideas for achievable meals that are also amazing.  I’m a self-proclaimed foodie that could talk ALL day about food.  I love sharing recipes and making my own.  Making a meal every day that you actually want to eat is really hard and, let’s be honest, we don’t have time to make three course meals every day.  that being said, there’s no reason why we can’t nourish the belly and the soul with food we actually want to eat.  Eery now and then, I’ll give you the long and  labor intensive sorts of recipes (you know the kind where you end up with flour all over your face or butter under your fingers) but I’ll also give you the little things that you can do to make meals the are ‘eh’ a little more ‘mmmm’.  Let me know what you think and continue you to eat and drink!

Keep eating and clinking,



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