The Latketini

I felt like this was appropriate in regards to my earlier response.

I was about to walk out the lobby of my parents’ apartment building when the guy at the concierge stopped me and asked if I wanted one of the latkes his wife had made earlier that night for the building.  What Concierge Man didn’t know was that, for whatever reason, I had been craving a potato latke for weeks.  Unfortunately, I’m not jewish so no one is cooking up any of the crunchy salty treats this season in our house.  After tasting Mrs. Concierge Man’s ridiculously good latkes, I decided that I should check out a few variations on the seasonal snack myself.  It was then that I came across this gem, a Latketini.  It’s a bonafide liquified latke. 

Any brave souls going to give this a try?  Think it’s any good?  Let me know!

Keep eating and clinking!



Peanut Gallery

Hey you!  Yeah you, with the face, I’ve got a few questions for you.  New Years is fast approaching which means only one thing as far as I’m concerned.  Time to throw a party that will put all the parties to follow for the next 365 days to shame.  That being said I’ve always been a firm believer that a party is only as good as it’s food and most importantly… it’s DRINKS!  What are your favorite foods to have and parties?  And what I’m really dying to know is what’s your poison?  Favorite drinks?  Think about your favorite clinks!

P.S– What’s your favorite creative drinking game?