A Cuppa’ Cozy

As a northerner who’s gone south, there’s nothing I appreciate more during the holidays than cozying up with a hot treat like a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate.  There’s something to be said for wrapping your hands around an over-sized mug with swirls of steam whispering from its rim as you look out on to the streets which are slowly becoming dusted with a blanket of fresh snow.  My parents just recently relocated to the Manchester/ Bedford area of New Hampshire and I’m currently here visiting them for the holidays.  Being unfamiliar with the area, I decided to tool around the area and get a little lost.  It didn’t take me long to find a serious gem called Baked.  It’s a great little cafe with literally every kind of cozy food you can imagine.  From mac n cheese to sandwiches to soups this place has you covered.  But their unsung claims to fame?  Their hot drinks.  Let me show you what I’m talking about…



(This is Baked‘s Hot Choconilla.  They use a perfect combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate to create the perfect sweet treat.  I’m not kidding, this hot chocolate may or may not change your life, or at least your taste buds’ definition of what hot chocolate is really supposed to taste like.  Oh, and check out the size of those marshmallows!)



(This is Baked‘s signature cappuccino topped with both chocolate and caramel drizzles and a sprinkle of sugar just for some added sweetness and sparkle.  As a coffee fiend, this is a dream come true.)

If you ever find yourself in the Manchester area, I can’t stress to you enough how great this place is!  I promise you there isn’t a thing on the menu you won’t love.  The food is fresh, the servers are fantastic, and the atmosphere is something that warms the belly and the soul.

Keep thinking and clinking!